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Annual Summary

In January, Logistik received a brief from Marks & Spencers for a hand operated winch system that would allow in store staff the ability to change large format graphics at a safe working height, without the use of access equipment and specialist crews. This brief sparked the creation of the Graphic System, the first item within our product range to utilise our unique winch and hoist technology.

In May, Logistik presented their prototype at the Marks & Spencer’s head office in front of their head of store design. Just two months later Logistik installed its very first Graphic System at the M&S Home store in Lisburn.

In August 2007, EcoRIG was launched as a complimentary product to Logistiks ‘Design and Build’ service. EcoRIG immediately began presenting to a wide range of high street retailers and by December had installed a Graphic System at the JJB Store in Liverpool, to allow them to advertise on previously inaccessible walls in their front atrium.

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The Beginning

In 2007, Marks and Spencer turned to EcoRIG to deliver a brief which other companies had been unable to fulfil to the required standard.


Since then, EcoRIG has established itself as a leading display and lighting consultant developer, pushing the boundaries in design and functionality.