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Wandsworth Council

Wandsworth Council

2 x Graphic Systems

EcoRIG installed 2 x Graphic Systems for Wandsworth Council, this was the first of its kind for EcoRIG in the public sector. We installed 2 remote operated raise and lower banner winch systems to allow the staff at the council office to safely replace advertisement graphics from ground level without the need to work at height using ladders.
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NEXT - Westfield, White City

NEXT - Westfield, White City

7 x Display and Lighting Raft Systems

EcoRIG installed 7 Raft Systems within the NEXT store at Westfield, White City. These systems allow the store's VM team to install large high level displays safely from ground level without the cost and risk of using access equipment.
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Topshop Topman - Cork

Topshop Topman - Cork

Graphic System and Raft System

EcoRIG installed 2 x 3m wide x 0.7m deep EcoRIG Raft systems with lighting track for theatrical lighting and graphic hanging rails for 8m high x 3m wide single sided campaign graphics. We also installed 1 x 6.5m wide EcoRIG Graphic system with 14m high x 6.5m wide double sided store graphic.
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Topshop Topman - Newcastle

Topshop Topman - Newcastle

6 x Display Raft Systems

EcoRIG installed 6 x 1.7m wide x 0.9m deep x 0.3m high Display Raft systems, these solutions allow displays to be supported over the 8m store front. VM hanging bars, LED spot lights and independent raise and lowering lighting bars were installed on the Raft to increase the flexibility available to the VM store staff.
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NEXT - Westfield, Stratford

NEXT - Westfield, Stratford

6 x Graphic Systems, 3 x Display Raft and 1 x Lighting Raft Systems

EcoRIG installed 6 x Graphic Systems, 1 x Lighting Raft and 4 x Display Rafts to suspend lighting and display fixtures throughout the NEXT store at the Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford.
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