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The EcoRIG Story

Since 2007, EcoRIG has emerged as one of the UK’s leading consultant developers for remote operated raise and lower, display and lighting solutions.

Modern architectural trends now demand the maximisation of high level environments such as atria, balconies, escalator voids, stairwells and double height store fronts.

• Complies with Health & Safety regulations
• Proven cost-effectiveness
• Minimum training required
• Change display schemes quickly & easily

Working with you to find solutions for your individual challenges and restrictions, EcoRIG will design a tailored system which will remove the risks, costs and disruptions previously associated with managing your high level areas. 

Our remote lighting solutions are both safe and simple to use, designed to ensure that any cleaning, alterations or maintenance work can be carried out more regularly, improving the health and safety of your venue as well as improving its visual appearance.


Adjusting and maintaining lighting solutions has never been so versatile. Adapted winch and hoist technology allows chandeliers, pendants, features, architectural lighting and track lighting to be lowered or raised instantly at the touch of a button. 

A high level window display demands the maximum fulfilment of available vertical space, whilst working within your company’s health and safety guidelines so as to avoid accidents that may cause serious injury.

EcoRIG’s innovative winch and hoist technology resolves this scenario, allowing quick display changes to be made at ground level and raised to the required height via remote control.

Gone are the days of seasonal display changes, adapt your displays easily on a regular basis in line with lifestyle trends, fashion, promotions or product supply. Creating an immediate visual impact will engage more customers, providing a competitive edge in the drive for footfall and sales.

Some of the UK’s largest retailers use our display and lighting consultancy service to ensure that their eye catching design schemes remain innovative and viable, directly impacting on their sales figures and contributing to their bottom line.


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Our mission

We offer many packages for web hosting – all to suit your business requirements. Our packages are very affordable, including emails if needed, we support.

Our values

We offer many packages for web hosting – all to suit your business requirements. Our packages are very affordable, including emails if needed, we support. 

Our solution

We offer many packages for web hosting – all to suit your business requirements.

Installation Environments

Advancements in modern architecture and increased investment in design have increased the difficulty of maintaining and installing display and lighting fixtures at height.
EcoRIG has risen to this challenge, by designing and installing a range of equipment that maximises the creative and commercial potential in a variety of environments, EcoRIG specialises in the following environments……..


Raise & Lower System

EcoRIG’s innovative raise and lower systems now offer a venue the opportunity to remotely maintain their high level atrium fixtures safely at ground level.

Whether it be a large 30m long display decoration or a 1 tonne crystal chandelier, EcoRIG’s unique technology can cater to your specific requirement.

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